A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a work in progress, but I've wrapped up the first few finished levels in a pretty little bow for all you pretty little people. 

Take control of Shuffs, a scarecrow without a cornfield who is now on the prowl for a new direction in life. Under the guidance of his new found crow-friend, Dibbs, Shuffs uses whatever objects or creatures he can hurl around to clear a path through cowardly bovine, battle-ready poultry and a gang of giant knife wielding  cockroaches known as the Pink Eye Boys.

This is a physics game crossed with 2D platforming. You use small objects and creatures as projectiles which can be launched from the ground or batted out of the air to take out enemies and solve puzzles.


w,a,s,d/Arrow keys - Move

J/Spacebar - Jump

L/Click - Attack


Shuffs(DEMO).app.zip 83 MB
Shuffs(DEMO).zip 82 MB

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